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    The organization that would be a lifeline for Indian community which works for different categories with following objectives: A. Indian Farmers: The launch of farmers pearls (TM) deal with following active support to Indian farmers- • Sell / Purchase Platform :- It provides the best platform to Indian farmers to sell their quality yields at best value after eliminating a number of brokerages involve in between farmers and consumers. Bulk purchases, quality controls, membership execution process and planning to assumed delivery with help of members of NUBUDS, farmers, social servants, social media and information technology etc are key concept that are opted to optimum performances of the organization to achieve the objective. • Interactions to better improve :- Platform to share problems related with farming and farming products, new inventions and usage of existing technology only. Sharing , public sharing, meeting with Govt bodies and farmers with respect to arbitrary inputs related with farming only are utilised to improve the farmers. The objective is to improve farming activities and produces. Productivity in the Indian region where the development are minor in spite of availability of better resources. • Collective farming : Analysis of failure of chakbandi planning of Indian Govt in selected region, adoption of alternate solutions possibilities and its execution will be done as per the Govt policies and planning with help of local farmers, members of NUBUDS and social services which are active in the region. • IT services :- see for details.. B. Education and Training, C. Career & Jobs, D. Sales and Services, E. Health and Spirituality are also covered and powered by SEE FOR DETAILS AND SUPPORT NUBUDS INDIA AFTER ASSESSMENTS.

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